Concrete Electrical Cable Pit with orange conduit

Concrete Electrical Pits for Infrastructure Construction

Concrete electrical pits are an essential part of infrastructure construction used to house electrical components underground. The purpose of an electrical pit is to provide a safe location for workers to connect and disconnect wires from the system, as well as test components for functionality before installation. Electrical pits also provide a way for utilities companies to keep track of where their cables are going and what was already installed in previous phases of construction.

The benefits of using an electrical pit include:

  • Safety: Electrical pits help ensure that workers do not come into contact with live cables while installing new components. This reduces the risk of electrocution or injury from accidental contact with high voltage lines during necessary works.
  • Accuracy: Electrical pits provide a central location for electrical cables to junction.

Precast Concrete Electrical Pits

Precast concrete electrical pits are strong, durable, and long lasting. Because they are made of concrete, they can withstand the elements and last for years without any maintenance. Precast concrete electrical pits are also easy to install. They’re ideal for areas where there is a lot of traffic and can be manufactured with a variety of class rated covers to withstand heavy equipment and vehicles.

Precast concrete electrical pits come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Custom sizing and designs are also available when required. You can also choose from different types of precast covers to fit your unique specifications such as covers with integrated lighting or panels that allow access into the pit from above ground level if you need access for repair work or inspections.

Types of Electrical Pits

There are a wide range of options to choose from when working with electrical cable pits. Pit design can be as simple or complex as you need it to be—from a small, open hole in the ground with nothing more than basic wiring or conduit installed inside it, all the way up to something custom-made that houses all types of underground utilities including power lines for buildings, lighting or a multitude of other applications.

The type of concrete electrical pit you install depends on many factors such as: how long you will need the installation for; whether there are any existing utilities nearby (such as water lines); whether there will be traffic moving over the pit; what type of material you want surrounding it (eg: concrete vs asphalt); or any other factors relating to the installation.

Concrete Pits for Cables and Conduits

Concrete pits can be used in the construction of roads and footpaths, car parks and driveways. Concrete electrical pits are excavated in order to house underground cables, conduits and pipes which will be installed as part of many infrastructure projects.

The most common application for concrete pits is where they are required by law or regulation to contain cables such as fibre optic cable or electrical power lines – although precast pits are a fast and safe option, a large quantity of pits will be poured in situ by installing a steel casing around the outside of the pit with openings at either end so that it can be filled with concrete once all cable has been laid inside it. This ensures safety by preventing any chance of accidental contact being made between live wires and workers on site who may not know what they’re doing!

The benefit to a precast concrete electrical pit is that your product will be specially designed by our drafting team to suit your needs. You won’t have to pour in situ on site, just have the pit delivered and lowed into your required location.

Pit Risers

Installing a pit riser is the most common way of increasing the depth of a pit installation without replacing the entire electrical pit. The concrete pit is the base of this system, which then has a riser that’s installed on the pit and covered with a lid. The riser will typically bring the pit to ground level which allows easy access to power cables, as well as providing protection from water infiltration, especially during heavy rainstorms or other harsh weather conditions.

Electrical Pit Covers

Electrical pit covers are a must-have for any construction site. They can be made from different materials, such as steel, cast iron, concrete infill, composite or a combination of more than one material. The most common type of electrical pit covers are made of cast iron encased in a concrete surround.

The main purpose of an electrical pit cover is to protect workers, pedestrians or traffic from accessing or potentially falling into the electrical pit. The most basic form of these covers is simply made up of a sheet of metal that’s been bent into a rectangular shape with some holes punched in it so that cables can pass through them easily and safely. This type of cover usually comes in various sizes depending on your needs. The actual measurements may vary slightly depending on the original manufacturer or different manufacturing processes; however it will still function similarly enough that anyone could use them without having any trouble whatsoever!

Australian Standards

Our electrical pits and covers conform to Australian standards, which means they’re durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and the wear-and-tear that comes with everyday use. They’re also made from high quality materials so they’ll last longer than cheaper brands you may find elsewhere online or in stores.

Why should you choose Civilmart?

Civilmart has been in the business of providing electrical pits and covers to infrastructure developers as far back as 1971. We have extensive experience in the precast field, which enables us to provide quality products at competitive prices.

Our range of products are manufactured using high quality raw materials. The manufacturing process comprises of multiple stages to ensure quality control at every stage. Once the product has been manufactured, it goes through stringent testing procedures before being dispatched from our warehouse for delivery.

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