Concrete Water Tanks

As a leading supplier of quality precast concrete products, we offer a wide range of water tanks that are designed to meet your specific needs. Our collection of concrete water tanks includes various sizes, shapes, and capacities, suitable for domestic, agricultural, and commercial applications.

We use high-quality concrete and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that our water tanks are built to last. Our tanks are easy to install and maintain, and they come with a range of features, including various inlet and outlet sizes, overflow provisions, and optional accessories.


  • Highland Tanks® Round Concrete Tanks

    Tanks are precast in our factory and delivered with a crane truck and placed into the prepared hole excavation.  Installed in ground or under ground to create greater outdoor recreation area for your family’s use, saving water for…

  • Solid Tank Bases

    Naval Base Concrete manufactures solid bases for all tanks. Solid Base Option of either 230mm 0r 600mm weep hole This product is manufactured in Western Australia but could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more…

  • Strip Footing Bases

    Naval Base Concrete manufactures Strip Footing Bases for a select range of tank sizes. The ring of the Strip Footing Base is 150mm thick. This product is manufactured in Western Australia but could be supplied to other states. Contact your…

  • Tank Liners

    Naval Base Concrete manufactures Liners ranging from 600mm diameter to 1800mm diameter.900mm, 1050mm & 1200mm come standard with step iron holes. Step iron holes on other diameters can be cored out upon request. This product is manufactured in…

  • Water Tanks

    Civilmart Concrete Water Tanks are the ultimate solution in home water storage. Made from heavy-duty reinforced concrete, they’re built to last over 50 years. Concrete can withstand the harsh and ever-changing Australian climate, with thick concrete walls to…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concrete water tank?

A concrete water tank is a precast concrete structure that is used to store water for a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

What sizes of concrete water tanks are available?

Concrete water tanks come in various sizes, depending on the volume of water that needs to be stored. Common sizes range from 2000L to 25000L.

How is a concrete water tank installed?

Installation of a concrete water tank should be done by a professional. It involves excavating the area, preparing the base, and connecting the tank to the water source.

What are the advantages of a concrete water tank over other types of water storage systems?

Concrete water tanks are highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions, making them suitable for a range of applications. They are also effective at maintaining water quality and preventing contamination.