Wastewater Treatment

CivilMart supply a great selection of effective wastewater treatment systems that are not only easy to install, but run and service. Get in touch with us today for a quote or for more information.


  • SuperTreat Queensland Wastewater Treatment System

    The simple, smart design of the SuperTreat 2020 Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment System makes it the easiest and most effective product on the market to install, run and service. The five-chamber SuperTreat 2020 concrete tank is one piece,…

  • TurboJet Single Wastewater Treatment System

    TurboJet Single is the most effective household wastewater treatment system on the market today. Our advanced secondary treatment system collects and recycles all household wastewater, delivering clean, odour-free water to your garden areas. Easy to install, run and…

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    UltraClear Commercial Systems

    UltraClear commercial systems are specifically designed for your on site requirements. They are installed at convention & community centres, pre-schools, industrial areas, caravan parks & camping grounds, etc. Commercial AWTS Models CT13 – up to 13 persons to…

  • UltraClear Model ST10

    Ultraclear ST10 – your domestic scaled complete Aerated Wastewater Treatment System

  • UltraClear Model ST8

    Ultraclear ST8 – your domestic scaled complete Aerated Wastewater Treatment System