UltraClear Model ST8

Ultraclear ST8 – your domestic scaled complete Aerated Wastewater Treatment System

Product Details

Civilmart’s range of Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) now includes the Ultraclear range.
The Ultraclear 5 Chamber System provides a clean, odourless and safe recycled water solution that is both quiet to operate and fully automated.
Our AWTS solutions meet the industry requirements of Advanced Secondary Treatment Systems (STS) in accordance with AS1546.3 and hold relevant state health authority accreditation.

Civilmart offer the Ultraclear AWTS unit for (on-site) domestic applications in 2 key models – being the ST8 (8 person equivalent) and ST10 (10 person equivalent).

We are also able to offer a range of commercial scales systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Product Features

  • Complete single tank system incorporating:
    • 5 Chamber System
    • Biological Media Sheets
    • Chlorine disinfection unit
    • Nitto 80 litre air blower or equivalent
    • 10 metre head or larger submersible irrigation pump
    • Alarm
  • Tank Shell, Internal Baffles and Lid manufactured from Precast Concrete
    • Nominal tank weight 5,610 kg
    • Lid and Concrete Surround design provides clear access to all chambers and compartments
  • ST8 Model details:
    • Liquid volume capacity 5,350 litres
    • Collection Well capacity 6,200 litres
    • 6200 litre collection well
    • 2350 litre primary treatment chambers
    • 2 x 1120 litre aeration chambers containing one media pack and two air diffusers each
    • 400 litre settling chamber
    • 360 litre disinfection pump chamber

Industry Compliance

The manufacturer shall maintain a web site and provide details of the URL in the application form to NSW Health. The manufacturer shall upload to its web site for the STS the following information unless the information is commercial-in-confidence;

  • An installation instruction manual in accordance Appendix C AS1546.3
  • An operation, maintenance and service manual in accordance Appendix D AS1546.3
  • The Statement of Warranty
  • The Statement of Service Life of 15 years and 5 years for electrical and mechanical components
  • The Product Certification document
  • The A4 Plans
  • The Certificate of Accreditation issued by NSW Ministry of Health
  • The manufacturer’s service report form.