Concrete Pits

View our range of high-quality concrete pits including our knockout pits, pit risers, stacked risers, side entry pits, precast concrete pits, and more. Civilmart ensures that our concrete pits are built to the highest standard and can withstand the harshest of Australian climates. Civilmart’s concrete pits function best with our extensive range of concrete pits covers. Looking for something more custom? We can tailor a design to your project needs.


  • Custom Product

    Custom Pits

    Custom pits are “made-to-order” and have unique penetrations to suit your project requirements. Typical Custom pit specifications: • Wall thickness – 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300mm or as required • Can be made to either RMS or…

  • Civil mart Flap valves image

    Flap Valves

    HDPE Flap Valves – designed to prevent backflow in drainage networks.

  • Precast Knockout Pits

    Knockout Pits

    Our standard stock of Knockout Pits range from 450mm to 1200mm. Available in all-solid or single-solid configurations, Civilmart Knockout pits are lightweight compared to our competitors. Rated to Class D, our pits come with versatile knockouts, while step…

  • NSW Standard Pits and Risers

    Civilmart BCP Standard Precast Pits and Risers are suitable for a wide range of applications including: • Stormwater • Inspection • Junction • Electrical • Sewer Certification details are available on request. Step Irons are supplied loose or…

  • Penstocks

    HDPE Penstocks – designed to control water flow in drainage networks.

  • Pit Risers

    • Build up to the height required with our segmental pit range • Available in 150, 300, 600 & 900 • Rebated system to fit on pit • Large stock range with off the shelf availability This product…

  • Pit Surrounds

    Our Pit Surrounds and Inserts are perfect for providing a safe, secure and manageable entryway into publicly and privately located pits. Able to be manufactured to any shire/council requirements, our pit inserts ensure peace of mind regarding the…

  • Precast Knockout Pits

    • Knockout available as arches, circular or half octagon • Rated to Class D • Custom as per your needs This product is manufactured in Queensland but could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.

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    Road Gully Units- RMS

    Made to RMS Specifications Sizes availble 750 x 750, 900 x 750, 900 x 900, 1200 x 900, 1200 x 1200, 1500 x 900- Other sizes on request Made to order only Made to custom height including specific…

  • Side Entry Pits

    Available in multiple sizes, our Side Entry Pits (SEPs) are perfect for your next street project. Side Entry Pits can be supplied in Class C and can come as a Double Top Unit (DTU) for easier installation. Specialists…

  • Stacked Risers

    Stacked Risers can be built up to the required pit height. Our range of Stacked Risers are available in 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm heights. Our Stacked Risers feature a rebated system to fit on each…

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    TMR Road Gully Pits

    Made to TMR Specifications Sizes vailable 930 x 835, 930 x 710, 900 x 600, Double 900 x 600, 900 x 900 RPEQ Certification upon request Made to order only Made to custom heights, including specific pipe blockouts…