Civilmart Rocla’s History and Growth

Civilmart is a leading Australian supplier of concrete solutions to the building and construction industry. Rocla has been a part of the Civilmart Group since September 2021.

Rocla provides a uniquely comprehensive range of innovative engineered solutions for stormwater piping, pits, headwalls and Box Culverts, sewerage piping and access systems, irrigation, stormwater detention and treatment, rainwater harvesting, water storage, bridging and earth retention, as well as concrete poles, building columns, boardwalks and railway sleepers.

With strong capabilities in product design and development, Rocla can supply standard products, as well as value-added solutions to meet specific customer needs. All products are designed for strength and durability – the hallmarks of the Rocla ® brand.


Like many great Australian companies, Civilmart Rocla sprang from humble beginnings in a suburban shed. Two friends – Walter Robertson and Heaton Clarke – registered the company in 1922 and combined the initial letters of their surnames to form the Rocla® brand name. More than 100 years on, the Rocla name continues to be associated with high quality concrete products.


Civilmart Rocla operates manufacturing and sales facilities giving us wide coverage, a decentralized customer service network and extensive distribution capabilities. This enables us to provide exceptional service to our customers by manufacturing the highest quality products and delivering them in a reliable and timely manner.


Civilmart Rocla’s real strength and key differentiator is its advanced engineering capabilities. A commitment to innovation and product improvement has helped Rocla achieve a leadership position by utilising the skills of experienced scientists and engineers in the field of concrete materials applications. This unmatched resource of engineering expertise is complemented by a rigid testing and quality assurance programme to ensure Rocla customers are supplied with durable, high quality concrete solutions.

Future Growth

As proud as we are of the achievements and growth that have marked our past, we are especially proud of the company that Rocla is today. And we are excited about our future. We feel confident that a progressive attitude towards product development together with a focus on operational efficiencies and strategic management will enable us to meet the changing demands of our customers and harness opportunities for future growth and expansion.