UltraClear Model ST10

Product Details

NSW Health Certificate of Accreditation No. STS-AWTS055 

  • Concrete single tank system for up to 10 persons
  • Liquid volume capacity 6,400 litres
  • Collection Well capacity 7,300 litres
  • Model S10 has a standard measurement of 550mm from bottom of inlet to top of lid
  • Nominal tank weight 5,610 kg
  • 7300 litre collection well
  • 2900 litre primary treatment chambers
  • 2 x 1275 litre aeration chambers containing one media pack and two air diffusers each
  • 450 litre settling chamber
  • 500 litre disinfection pump chamber
  • Chlorine disinfection unit
  • Nitto 80 litre air blower or equivalent
  • 10 metre head or larger submersible irrigation pump

This product is manufactured in New South Wales/Queensland/South Australia/Victoria but could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.