Airport Infrastructure

Whether you're after an airport pit, earth rod pit, or isolation transformer pit, CivilMart have you covered! Get in touch with us today for a quote or for more information.


  • D25 Airport Pit

    Airport Pits – Custom solutions for Airport Infrastructure applications

  • Earth Rod Pit

    Securely hiding away earth rods, Civilmart’s earth rod pits are 150mm x 150mm x 150mm with a light duty concrete drop in cover. Designed to hide away earth rods Small and streamlined product for easy installation Drop in…

  • Series Isolation Transformer (S.I.T) Pits

    Our Series Isolation Transformer (S.I.T) Pits are: – Used for Airport lighting – Rated up to Class G – Able to be custom manufactured to your specifications This product is manufactured in South Australia but could be supplied to other…

  • Transformer Support for S.I.T Pit

    Installed in the base on our Series Isolation Transformer (S.I.T) pits, the transform support is used to hold the transformer above cables running through the base of each pit. High strength design Used for Airport Lighting Rated up…