Lending Our Hands To Clean Up Australia

Lending Our Hands To Clean Up Australia

Civilmart, a leading supplier of precast concrete products, is proud to announce its involvement in Clean Up Australia on March 2nd, 2023. The company has committed to removing litter and debris at and in the surrounding area of its 25 sites across the country. Recruiting approximately 20 volunteers for each site to help in the effort to clean up the environment.

Clean Up Australia Day is an annual event that brings together volunteers from all over the country to remove litter from our environment. The event has been running for over 30 years and has become a symbol of community action to improve the environment. This year, Civilmart is taking action to contribute to this important initiative.

The company’s involvement in Clean Up Australia Day is part of its broader commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Civilmart recognizes the importance of preserving our environment for future generations, and actively takes steps to reduce its environmental impact. This includes initiatives such as reducing carbon emissions in production process and minimizing waste.

Civilmart’s involvement in Clean Up Australia Day is a great opportunity for employees to come together and make a difference in their communities. The company is encouraging all employees to participate in the cleanup effort, and is providing support and resources to make it easy for them to get involved.

Volunteers at each of the 25 cleanup sites will be provided with all the necessary equipment and supplies, such as gloves, bags, and tools. Civilmart is also providing a reusable bamboo keep cups for all volunteers as a way of saying thank you for their hard work and commitment to the cause.

As an extension of the Clean Up Australia Day initiative, Civilmart is proud also to be hosting a shoe muster with all donations being contributed to TreadLightly Australia. By hosting a shoe muster, Civilmart is providing a convenient and accessible way for employees and community members to donate their unwanted shoes to be recycled into new products. Civilmart is committed to supporting the work of TreadLightly Australia and hopes to inspire others to take action when disposing of unwanted products.

The company is excited to be involved in this year’s Clean Up Australia Day and TreadLightly shoe muster! We hope our involvement makes a real impact in improving our local environments. By working together and taking action, we can make a positive difference in our communities and help to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.