Tokelau Wharf Project

Categories Marine Construction
Location Tokelau, territory of New Zealand

Project Scope

When a series of wharves needed to be built in the New Zealand territory of Tokelau, a remote group of atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, Civilmart sprang into action.

The distance and complexity of the project were clear challenges for the team, who had to figure out not only the manufacturing side of the project, but how to deliver it as well.

The Main products used were ‘Precast Boat Ramp Plants’ and ‘Precast Wharf Planks’ which were manufactured at Civilmart Sunshine Coast branch and supplied to Hall Contracting for construction.

Project Outcome

The Civilmart team were able to supply all the necessary products for the wharf projects, namely Precast Boat Ramp Plants and Precast Wharf Planks. Manufactured at Civilmart Sunshine Coast branch, the products were delivered to Hall Contracting for construction and the project was completed successfully.


Precast Boat Ramp Planks

Our Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) precast concrete boat ramp planks are the perfect solutions for remote or time critical installations.

  • TMR Type RG4000 & RG3500
  • Available in two standard widths of 3500mm and 4000mm
  • Easy interlocking design allowing for rapid installation
  • Trafficable nonslip finish
  • 20mm deep grooves to assist with vehicle grip
  • Stainless steel lifting ferrules
  • Customisations are also possible
  • We manufacture TMR T4000 and T3500 and Adaptor Plates