• 25mm Filter Kit

    Used in conjunction with a sewage treatment system, our 25mm filter kits are the final line of defence against solids left in your irrigation. Last stage of any sewage treatment plant The filter catches any solids that may…

  • Bridge Parapets

    Precast Bridge Parapets are used as a safety and aesthetic structure they can also act as noise barrier. This product is manufactured in New South Wales/Queensland/South Australia/Victoria but could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.

  • Concrete Covers

    Our concrete infill covers and surrounds are manufactured to suit sewer installations and meet Victorian council specifications. Available in Class B (150mm) and Class D (200mm) load ratings With a cover diameter of 630mm and a surround diameter…

  • Concrete Road Barriers

    • Barriers with flat bases are available on request • One joining plate and 2 bolts are required to join two barriers together • 2 OFF 5 ton foot anchors are cast into top of each barrier for…

  • Custom Traffic Islands

    • Artificial grass or brick pattern • Custom shapes / design / length • Custom colours • Unique ready-made design • Lightweight • Easily uninstalled by a unique ‘un-pinning’ procedure and can be re-installed at another location •…

  • D25 Airport Pit

    Airport Pits – Custom solutions for Airport Infrastructure applications