What Is A Box Culvert? What Are They Used for?

You’ve likely seen Precast Concrete Box Culverts when driving past any number of infrastructure products, be it a subdivision, major road/rail project or even out in bushland. They’re one of the most popular products we manufacture at Civilmart, and for good reason; Precast Box Culverts have a multitude of uses. Let’s find out a little more about how Civilmart Box Culverts can be used.

What are the Different Types of Box Culverts?

Box Culverts can be broken divided by two key factors; size and orientation.

Civilmart produce Precast Concrete Box Culverts in two size categories; small and large. Small Box Culverts are defined as having a span of 1200mm or below, whereas Large Box Culverts typically have a span of 1500mm and above. Civilmart produce a range of standard-sized Box Culverts in both size categories, but can also custom-manufacture Box Culverts in any size required, specific to each customer’s needs.

Precast Box Culverts are also produced in two different orientations; Crown and Inverted. The regular style of Box Culverts (called a Crown unit) is n-shaped, while Inverted units are U-shaped troughs and can be supplied with lids.

Box Culvert Uses

Box Culverts are a versatile product, and as such have a variety of useful applications, including:

Box Culverts are commonly used for bridging purposes, allowing roads, railways and tracks to be built while maintaining waterways underneath. Civilmart Box Culverts are made to AS1597:2010 standards and comply with state road regulations. 

Stock and Wildlife Crossings
Box Culverts can also be used to provide crossings over creeks and streams, allowing both stock and wildlife to cross at will. Civilmart Box Culverts can be used by rural buyers for farm use, or even in State and National Parks.

Drainage Structures
Precast Box Culverts are also ideal for use in drainage structures, allowing stormwater drainage routes to successfully flow and prevent flooding.

Ducting for Industrial Use
Box Culverts have also been regularly used to house electrical cables or as steam, air or water ducts in a variety of industrial applications. In certain instances, Box Culverts can also be used as emergency escape routes.  

Box Culvert Installation

Civilmart Box Culverts are designed to be installed with ease, requiring very little excavation to place and a minimal amount of backfill. Civilmart Box Culverts are supplied with lifting anchors to make lifting and placing both easy and precise. Box Culverts are often coupled with Precast Headwalls, that sit at the ends of a culvert and prevent land collapse.

Why Civilmart?

Civilmart Box Culverts are made from the highest quality precast concrete and can be custom-designed and manufactured to suit your specific project’s needs. If you’ve got a project and you need a Box Culvert, there’s only one option. Get in touch today!