Concrete Sleepers

Product Details

Civilmart concrete sleepers are suitable for new or total replacement lines. By working with our customers we can utilize virtually any fastening system to be cast into our sleepers and specialty products.

Civilmart’s advances in concrete sleeper technology, along with guaranteed high-quality products is what makes us the leading supplier of pre-stressed concrete sleepers in Australia.

Civilmart has developed the Multilok™ system which is currently the only rail fixing method on concrete sleepers, which permits lateral and rotational adjustment on site without drilling.

Each sleeper is produced to design specification and testing is conducted on a daily basis to determine product quality is maintained. Civilmart sleepers will always conform to the relevant specifications, codes and contractual requirements.


  • Mines
  • Mainline, turnover and cross over tracks
  • Guard rail and termination sets
  • Splay sleeper sets
  • Magnet sleepers
  • Level crossing sleepers
  • Ballast top bridge decks & headwall raiser beams
  • Diamond crossings & turnouts
  • Inter and intrastate rail networks
  • Steel works
  • Stacker reclaimers

This product is manufactured in Australia and could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.