Product Details

Utilising the latest media filtration technology, the enviss® Sentinel stormwater treatment system is a complete three-stage WSUD treatment train in a single pit.

The specifically engineered enviss® filter media effectively removes pollutants such as sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals using a simple, cost-effective design.

enviss® systems are easily designed using the custom simulation software, envissDT.  Similar to MUSIC, envissDT simulates the hydrology of the catchment and filter to access performance. The program has storage and demand models that enable optimisation of both filter and tank sizes.


  • Car parks
  • New property developments
  • Retro fit into existing systems
  • Control of pollution discharge
  • Stormwater harvesting
  • WSUD
  • Industrial developments
  • At source surface treatment

This product is manufactured in Australia and could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.