Foundation Piles

Product Details

Civilmart Duraspun® precast foundation piles greatly improve construction speeds, critical to time-sensitive bridge replacement projects. Designed in accordance with AS5100-2017, and manufactured under Civilmart’s ISO 9001 quality system, they are adaptable for use with any precast system or in-situ bridge design.

The centrifugal spun process provides very high strength, whilst the hollow core reduces lifting mass, allowing for smaller on-site crane requirements, while the ability to deliver to site ‘just-in-time’ reduces site space requirements and costs.

The circular section eliminates misalignment and torsion stresses experienced with multi-sided poles and the efficient mass-to-strength ratio allows longer length poles, eliminating the need for jointing.

Duraspun® foundation piles are available in 400mm, 450mm and 585mm sizes, and in single-piece lengths of up to 24 metres. Our full range of pile designs are suitable for either potted or driven installations.


  • To support bridge piers
  • In small pile groups such as retaining walls and bridges
  • In single pile applications

This product is manufactured in Australia and could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.