Lighting & CCTV Poles

Product Details

Civilmart Duraspun® lighting poles are suitable for use in all wind load regions and terrain categories throughout Australia, and are particularly effective when designed for marine applications. 

Civilmart’s lighting and CCTV pole range employs generally single piece, slimline poles of prestressed construction to minimise the diameter and maximise stiffness and performance.  The impact resistance of concrete poles in carpark situations means fewer replacements due to car collisions and the natural damping effect of concrete also minimizes damage to installed equipment by vibration.


Floodlighting Poles:
  • Sports grounds, from individual football fields to multi-field complexes and stadiums
  • Security, industrial and commercial lighting
Streetlighting Poles:
  • Car parks
  • Local council roads

This product is manufactured in Australia and could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.