Power Poles

Product Details

The unique Civilmart manufacturing process creates hollow, steel-reinforced concrete poles of great strength and relatively light weight, by spinning the mould at high speed.

The Duraspun® process removes a significant proportion of water in the concrete mix, which results in a high-density concrete pole with inherently low permeability. The concrete is also steam-cured for high early strength, enabling delivery shortly after manufacture.

Civilmart has a product to suit almost any application in the electricity supply industry around Australia, in particular; Distribution Poles, Sub-Station Poles, Transmission Poles.

Civilmart provides a full range of fittings and custom placement to allow any configuration of pole mounted electrical gear.


Distribution Poles:
  • Electrical distribution systems – suburban, street poles
  • Supports electrical equipment required to connect the transmission system to people’s homes
Substation Poles:
  • Pole-mounted electrical substation transformers
Transmission Poles:
  • “Line” poles
  • Guyed structures

This product is manufactured in Australia and could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.