Standard Council Kerb Entry

Product Details


  • For 1200mm opening, the grate is located “Centre” only.
  • All units are fitted with 4 OFF x 1.3 ton foot anchors for safe lifting and handling
  • The kerb grate may be located Left (L) Centre (C) Right ( R )
  • Kerb entry is designed to suit precast pits (900 x 600),  (900 x 750), (900 x 900)


  • The grate is fully hot dipped galvanised
  • The grate is HINGED and LOCKABLE (i.e. bolt down)
  • Grates are BICYCLE SAFE and comply with AS3996

This product is manufactured in New South Wales/Queensland/South Australia/Victoria but could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.