WA Septic Tanks

Civilmart’s Primary Treatment Systems (aka Septic Tanks) – are an ideal solution to support the treatment and disposal of sewage.

Product Details

Civilmart offer a deep catalogue of ‘Septic Tank’ style devices in a range of size and shape combinations, to suit both domestic and commercial applications.

These devices can also be referred to as Primary Treatment Systems (PTS). They are a type of wastewater treatment device designed to initiate the treatment and potential disposal of sewerage.

Septic Tanks are a common and non-mechanical solution for domestic applications. Units typically rely on internal baffles and residence time of the effluent within the vessel to start the biological breakdown of the wastewater (sewerage).

They are typically required as part of a Development Application for residential areas where properties are not able to connect to an existing underground sewerage network.

Given the fact that these style of devices are expected to handle effluent, Government and/or Water Authorities typically set specific design objectives and installation requirements for these types of devices.

These requirements can vary greatly between regions. Authorities may require the Septic Tank(s) to be installed in conjunction with other elements to complete the fully approved PTS system. For example in Western Australia it is common for a Septic Tank to be located upstream of a Leach Drain or Soakwell structure.

For our Western Australian customers, Civilmart are able to offer 2 key models – being the 1,200 Litre and 1900 Litre Septic Tank

We are also able to offer a range of ‘Septic Tank’ solutions suited for other states. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Please note: Septic Tanks should not be confused with Secondary Treatment Systems (STS). Should your project require this style of treatment device, Civilmart also offer a range of Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS).

Product Features

  • 1200 Litre Septic Tank
    • 1,244 Litre Tank volume
    • 1200mm internal diameter x 1515mm height concrete chamber
    • Tank weight (empty) = 1,180kg
    • Inlet / Outlet diameter = 100mm
    • Tank Inlet Level (height) = 1100mm
    • Placement = in-ground
  • 1900 Litre Septic Tank
    • 1,943 Litre Tank volume
    • 1500mm internal diameter x 1515mm height concrete chamber
    • Tank weight (empty) = 1,780kg
    • Inlet / Outlet diameter = 100mm
    • Tank Inlet Level (height) = 1150mm
    • Placement = in-ground

Industry Compliance

Sales Region

This product is manufactured in Western Australia and is currently accredited to be sold in this region only. Civilmart have a wide variety of Septic Tank models available for other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.