Specialised Concrete Products


  • Transformer Support for S.I.T Pit

    Installed in the base on our Series Isolation Transformer (S.I.T) pits, the transform support is used to hold the transformer above cables running through the base of each pit. High strength design Used for Airport Lighting Rated up…

  • Tree Rings

    Our concrete tree rings are made of high strength concrete to protect your tree’s trunk. Often used as barrier for the garden bed, tree rings are a must have for landscaping your yard. High strength concrete design Perfect…

  • Triple Burial Vault

    Our Triple Burial Vaults comprise of: – Base – Divider – Increment – Cover Slab This product is manufactured in South Australia/Victoria but could be supplied to other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.

  • Underfence Plinths

    Typically installed underneath a fence line, Civilmart’s underfence plinth are designed to close any gaps between the base of your fence and ground. Reinforced lengths of concrete along your fence line prevent any unwanted growth or animals finding…

  • Walling Sleepers

    Civilmart’s walling sleepers – designed to build modern lowset retaining wall structures.