Australia’s Precast Concrete Experts

Civilmart are a national network of experts in the design, manufacture and delivery of quality precast concrete products for commercial, civil and residential projects. We have a wide range of precast products that are suitable for a variety of applications, and our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers.

We have a long history of experience in the precast concrete industry, and our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our products are available in a variety of sizes, weights and materials, and can be customised to suit individual requirements. Our staff will work with you wherever possible to ensure that individual requirements can be met. If you’re looking for precast concrete specialists who can provide a high quality product and excellent service, contact Civilmart today.



Why Civilmart

  • Australian Owned

    With roots dating back to 1922, Civilmart has been building our nation’s vital infrastructure for over 100 years, ensuring a brighter future for all Australians. Now the largest Australian-owned and operated organisation in the industry, we know the value of hard work, grit and determination; a true Aussie success story. As a result, our products are built tough to withstand the harsh Aussie climate we know and love.

  • National Manufacturing Network

    With sites across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, Civilmart maintains one of the largest manufacturing networks in the country. Our national network of local experts gives us the capacity and agility we need to supply you with the right product at the right time, no matter your project location.

  • Custom Precast Specialists

    Need something a little more custom? Our unmatched expertise and custom-manufacturing capabilities allow us to create custom precast products for just about any project. Our design team are always happy to help, so whether you know exactly what you need or need a hand getting it perfect, we’re here to help.


Our Team

Our team are trained and qualified to meet all statutory requirements and adhere to work safety practices. All workers are covered by workers compensation insurance and public liability is in place, bringing peace of mind to our customers.

Specific WH&S plans for our Civilmart’s projects and processes include:

  • Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and Regulations 2017
  • Project Specific Requirements
  • Industry Induction Training
  • Site Specific Induction
  • Licenced Operators
  • Codes of Practice
  • Manual Handling
  • Individual Training
  • Reviews & Audits