Borderline Plumbing

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Location Naru Street, Chinderah, NSW

Rapid Response and Unwavering Commitment: A Success Story For Borderline Plumbing

Recently we demonstrated Civilmart’s commitment to going above and beyond when it comes to providing the best customised solutions, and customer service, in the industry! 

We were able to achieve this superb outcome thanks to the dedication of our South East Queensland team members – Sam Robinson and Nick Pera, and the team at our Burnside Road manufacturing centre. It was a great result to an unexpectedly urgent situation for our client!

Our Client’s Problem

Our valued client Borderline Plumbing was carrying out some work along a tidal creek in front of an industrial development in Naru Street, Chinderah, in northern New South Wales. They required 1500×1200 Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts (RCBC) to bridge the creek so that a new driveway could be installed. 

As the creek is in a saltwater tidal/splash zone, the culverts had to be marine application (exposure class C) RCBC’s to stand up to constant tidal submersion and exposure. They also needed to accommodate 2 metres of fill for the driveway over the top.

Civilmart originally quoted on this project but had not been successful. However, as it turned out, the culverts supplied by our competitor were not correct, leaving Borderline in urgent need of the right culverts!

How Our SE Queensland Team Helped Nail A Positive Outcome For Borderline Plumbing

Borderline contacted us on September 29th 2023 to see if we could supply these items within the required time frame of just a few weeks. Two members of our dedicated South East Queensland team attended the construction site within 2 hours where they met with the client to discuss their requirements.

The team took precise measurements of the intended installation site and advised the client we could manufacture and deliver the units within the required timeframe. 

Our client subsequently placed the order with us on October 4th 2023.

Civilmart Delivers A Great Result For Our Client, Borderline Plumbing

Once Borderline Plumbing had placed the order, the initial pour was carried out in our Burnside Road manufacturing centre on October 10th

The first culverts were delivered to the construction site on October 23rd 2023, and the second lot on October 27th 2023 – both within the required timeframe of 3.5 weeks. 

This was a great outcome all round for our client, and a testament to the dedication and commitment of our SE Queensland / Burnside Road manufacturing centre team. They not only provided timely and outstanding customer service, even in an urgent situation, but also delivered high quality products at short notice.

Ensure Your Success Story As A Valued Civilmart Client

At Civilmart, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and the successful outcome of our clients’ projects. In the Borderline Plumbing project, our rapid response and seamless collaboration with our SE Queensland / Burnside Road manufacturing centre team ensured our client got exactly the right products they needed, on time, and on budget. Even with a very tight turnaround time…

From the initial urgent phone call to us on September 29th 2023, to our timely delivery of six 1500×1200 marine application (exposure class C) RCBC’s on October 24th and 27th 2023, we met and exceeded the requirements and deadlines set by our valued client, Borderline Plumbing. The prompt and superb efforts of our SE Queensland / Burnside Road manufacturing centre team ensured we were able to manufacture and deliver the right culverts with precision and efficiency.

Such a positive outcome for Borderline Plumbing in an urgent situation highlights Civilmart’s ability and capacity to turn challenges into opportunities. We understand that urgent situations can arise unexpectedly at any time and how critical a successful resolution is for our clients. Therefore, we take pride in being able to provide customised solutions, exceptional quality products, and outstanding customer service regardless of how short the time frame may be, or how tight the deadline.

Civilmart – Raising The Bar On Customer Service And Customised Solutions For Clients

We would like to thank Borderline Plumbing for (eventually!) trusting us to supply the RCBC’s for your project and we extend an invitation to our current and future clients to experience first-hand the Civilmart difference! Ensuring your success story is our top priority, no matter how big or small the project. We remain dedicated to setting new benchmarks in customised solutions and customer service.

Thank you, Borderline Plumbing, for your trust and faith in our ability to come through with a solution, and the goods, for your project. Your satisfaction motivates us to continue raising customer service standards.

Contact us to ensure your project is a success, and experience the Civilmart difference.