Boonah Fire Flow Improvements

Categories Custom Precast Pits
Location Scenic Rim, QLD

Project Scope

As part of a major upgrade to the water network in Queensland’s Scenic Rim region, construction at the Boonah reservoir called for an overflow pit to be installed. Originally, the design called for an in-situ pit to be built and poured on site, but when space on site became limited this meant we had to think outside-the-box. The steel components for the in-situ pit had already been ordered and sent to the site.

Project Outcomes

Civilmart’s team took the project head-on, adapting the in-situ design into a precast one that incorporated the contractor’s pre-purchased steel bundle. Poured off site over two days at our Civilmart Larapinta production facility this pit had only 75km to travel to the rural locality. The 14.8T pit was delivered and installed with minimal impact on other ongoing works. Civilmart was able to provide a timely and cost-effective solution to the contractor that allowed other critical site works to continue.
Our RPEQ certification meant the contractor could have confidence that the design variations from in-situ to precast would meet the project requirements.

Boonah Fire Flow Improvements

Custom Precast Pits:

  • Made to order to suit project requirements
  • Capability to cast large structures with custom heights to suit large-diameter RCP and LBC
  • RPEQ Certification can be provided upon request
  • Made to suit all applications, low classes all the way to class G AS3996:2019 available, concrete class, wall thicknesses, exposure classification.
  • Ability to accommodate special cast-in items, examples included SS ferrules, Puddle Flanges, cast iron fittings, cast iron covers in roof slabs
  • Contact your local Sales Representative for further information