Edithvale Rail Project

Categories Custom Precast Pits
Location Edithvale, VIC

Project Scope

As part of the Victorian Government’s Level Crossing Removal Project, the level crossing at Edithvale in Melbourne’s south-east was scheduled for removal in 2021. As part of the project, Large contractor required a customised precast pit and lid to house high voltage cables. Immediately, the Civilmart name was on their mind.

Project Outcomes

Civilmart were quick to act, planning, designing, and manufacturing a custom 4.5m x 3.2m x 1280mm High Voltage Pit and an accompanying 3.9m x 5.1 x 600mm encased 20 part cover with removable beams. Civilmart were able to coordinate a quick and effective delivery, with a wide-load escort and crane installation on site. Thanks to our unmatched expertise, Civilmart were able to successfully manufacture and supply a high-quality product to the client’s exact specifications, all within a quick turnaround time.

Edithvale Rail Project

Custom Precast Pits:

  • Made to order to suit project requirements
  • Capability to cast large structures with custom heights to suit large-diameter RCP and LBC
  • Made to suit all applications, low classes all the way to class G AS3996:2019 available, concrete class, wall thicknesses, exposure classification.
  • Ability to accommodate special cast-in items, examples included SS ferrules, Puddle Flanges, cast iron fittings,Bell mouth fittings, cast iron covers in roof slabs