Rowes Furniture

Categories Water Tanks
Location Toowoomba, QLD

Project Scope

A staple of the Toowoomba CBD since 1892, Rowes Furniture have always looked to better the community they serve. In February 2021, the company decided to help preserve Toowoomba’s waterways and reduce demand on public water services by installing a series of rainwater tanks. Well-established as one of the most iconic buildings in the city, it was clear that any sort of rainwater collection system would need to be custom-built for the project.

Project Outcomes

Contractor Burke Industries immediately got in touch with the local experts at Civilmart Toowoomba, who were able to design, manufacture and deliver 2 x Custom 22,500L tanks, and additional lids, risers and frames. Installation called for a 100t crane on-site, as well as traffic control in order to allow the delivery truck into the space. Logistics and transport were all intricately organised prior to the day of the delivery, to ensure every part of the installation process ran smoothly and on time.

Rowes Furniture

Concrete Water Tanks:

  • Available for in-ground or above-ground installation
  • Made from heavy-duty reinforced concrete to withstand the harsh and ever-changing Australian climate
  • Built to last over 50 years
  • Thick concrete walls to protect against both heat and light, keeping your water cooler for longer and safe from bacteria growth
  • Available in one-piece, tank & lid or multi-part configurations, and can be linked together to maximise water storage capacity