WA Grease Traps

Civilmart’s Passive Grease Arrestor (aka Grease Trap) – an ideal trade waste pre-treatment solution.

Product Details

Civilmart offer a deep catalogue of ‘Grease Trap’ style devices in a range of standard size and shape combinations.

Although these devices are officially classified as a Passive Grease Arrestor, they are a common solution for pre-treatment of trade waste at commercial and industrial facilities.

‘Grease Traps’ typically support pre-screening of wastewater generated ‘on premise’ and provide an authorised method of treatment prior to disposal of contaminated water into the wastewater (Sewerage) network.

Government and/or Water Authorities typically set specific performance objectives for these types of devices. In doing so they manufactures must ensure their units can meet these requirements. In turn a manufacturer must maintain product registration on the relevant authority’s approved product listing.

For our Western Australian customers, Civilmart are able to offer 3 key models – being the 1,000 Litre, 2,000 L or 10,000 Litre Concrete Grease Arrestor.

We are also able to offer a range of ‘Grease Trap’ solutions suited for other states. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Product Specifications

Model Effective Capacity (L) Placement External Dimensions Inlet/Outlet Diameter (mm) Inlet Height¹ (mm) Outlet Height¹ (mm)
1,000 1,091 In-ground 2350 1080 1200 100/100 675 625
2,000 2,083 In-ground 2350 1080 1700 100/100 1175 1125
10,000² 10,000 In-ground 3320 2520 2250³ 100/100 1330 1760

Industry Compliance

  • 1,000L Concrete Grease Arrestor – Water Corporation Approval Certificate AN-008-01
  • 2,000L Concrete Grease Arrestor – Water Corporation Approval Certificate AN-008-02
  • 10,000L Concrete Grease Arrestor – Water Corporation Approval Certificate AN-008-03
  • Servicing is required for all Grease Arrestor units – please contact your nearest trade waste service provided to discuss scheduling

Sales Region

This product is manufactured in Western Australia and is currently accredited to be sold in this region only. Civilmart have a wide variety of Grease Trap models available for other states. Contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.