Feed Troughs

Feed Troughs – A large and durable precast solution for your livestock feeding requirements

Product Details

Civilmart’s range of Feed Troughs are suitable for cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock.

Their large size is the ideal product to help manage single or multiple livestock feed points around your property. Precast Concrete ensure durability and prevent damage.

Our Feed Trough products are available in two styles – either an Even side layout or a High/Low side wall combination.

Civilmart also have alternative profiles and sizes available – please don’t hesitate to review our suite of Feed Trough and Bunker options.

Product Specifications

Product Code Description Length
571V6000 6 Metre Feedlot Trough High-Low Sides 6000 600 600
57V600E 6 Metre Feedlot Trough Even Sides 6000 600 500

Product Features

  • Lifting points are cast into easy move the feed trough
  • Available in 6m sections that can be joined together to suit your needs
  • Both even sides or high-low side designs for your farm
  • Smooth surfaces to make cleaning easy

Industry Compliance

  • Intended for rural properties.

Sales Region

This product is manufactured in Victoria but could be supplied to other states across Australia. Please don’t hesitate to contact your local Civilmart specialist for more information.